Autumn Vibes
Autumn Vibes

Autumn Vibes

In autumn, nature shows itself in the most beautiful colors! The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and nature is preparing for the approaching winter. Autumn itself is omnipresent: the days are getting shorter, the power of the sun is diminishing, the temperatures are dropping, the first snow can already be seen on the mountain tops, the smell of autumn is in the air… A year is slowly coming to an end.

More than just an Autumn Shot

The lake on the photo is not a natural lake. It is an artificial reservoir built in the 1954 to provide flood control for the valley for the region north of the reservoir up to the capital city of Bavaria, Munich. When the dam was built and the reservoir filled, a complete village sunk in the floods. Actually, the village could be seen in the photo if we turned time back 70 years. Nowadays only some ruins of the village can still be seen when the water level is very low. The people living in the village had to leave their homes and relocate not too far away and rebuild their homes – or leave the area completely.

The bridge itself was built shortly after and finalized 3 years later. Nowadays it is part of an important east-west route through the alps. But more importantly, it also marks the beginning of a beautiful landscape reserve which can be seen in the background of the photo. Furthermore, it is not only the entry into this beautiful reserve, it is also the geological border to the Karwendel, the largest mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps with so many beautiful hiking opportunities.

A Personal Touch

I myself grew up ~25km away from this place. Since I was a kid, I was always in love for cycling and mountain biking. I’ve biked the route to the reservoir dozens of times … maybe a hundred times. I did it for physical training, for the joy of riding and because I love the route and the area. The lake itself is also a nice place to take a refreshing swim in summer. With the sourcing rivers coming directly from the mountains, it always stays rather cool. Needless to say, I also spent a lot of times bathing there – often right on the green area close to the bridge.

This is my connection to this place.
This is why I value this area so much.
This is why I value this photo so much.

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