Year: <span>2024</span>
Year: 2024

Recap May 2024

May 2024 was filled with hikes, bike rides, and new photography opportunities. From unexpected village walks to mountain biking loops, each activity offered experiences and memorable moments. Here’s a recap of our month, covering our adventures, photography endeavors, and blog updates.

An Unexpected Full Loop

Despite sore legs from a mountain bike tour and my wife’s preference to stay home due to illness, I embarked on a solo hike. What began as a tentative outing turned into a fulfilling full loop to the summit, with beautiful scenery and unexpected companionship along the way.

Springtime in Alpine Meadows

Experience the charm of Alpine meadows in spring through our recent hiking escapade. Join us as we traverse picturesque forests, ascend to mountain peaks, and encounter unexpected beauty along the way. Delight in the vibrant blossoms, captivating vistas, and memorable moments captured in our vivid narrative and stunning photographs.