A Relaxing Sunday Walk with Unexpected Surprises
A Relaxing Sunday Walk with Unexpected Surprises

A Relaxing Sunday Walk with Unexpected Surprises

That Sunday, my wife and I both needed some time to recover. My wife was still feeling the effects of a cold, and I was sore from a mountain bike loop the day before. The weather forecast wasn’t particularly promising either, predicting a mix of rain and sun. With all this in mind, we decided to have a relaxing day and wait for a break in the weather.

We had a little walk around a nearby village in mind. It was the same village that had surprised us recently with its unexpected photo opportunities. With low expectations but a hope for the best, we set out. Just in case, I brought along my filters and tripod, ready for any potential photographic practice.

The Chapel

After a while, we reached our first point of interest: a chapel. On the map, it was marked as a simple memorial, so I was curious to see it in person. To our surprise, it was a fairly large chapel, erected in 1687! We entered and read about its history, which was quite fascinating.

The lighting conditions weren’t ideal for photography. The sun was directly behind the roof, creating challenging counter light, and the other side of the chapel wasn’t particularly photogenic. Despite this, I decided to take the opportunity to test various settings, focusing on foregrounds and managing the counter light. After experimenting with different angles and settings, I felt I had done the best I could under the circumstances.

In post-processing, I struggled with some blades of grass that had made their way into the photo. But after some tweaking, I began to connect with the image. Surprisingly, I was quite content with the final result.

The Tree

After the pleasant surprise of the chapel, we continued our walk. I have a particular fondness for photos of grand trees, though I rarely find suitable subjects in our area. So, I was thrilled when we passed an old tree near the road that immediately caught my eye. It was magnificent, with branches stretching out in all directions.

I started my second photo session of the day, getting low with the wide-angle lens and moving around to find the best angles. I experimented with different distances and checked the edges of the frame to ensure the branches were positioned just right. After a while, I felt confident that I had captured enough material. I mentally marked this spot to return on a day with a better sky.


Despite not using any of the filters or the tripod, the day was absolutely rewarding. What began as a low-expectation walk turned into a delightful exploration filled with unexpected photo opportunities. The chapel and the tree both provided excellent subjects, and I was pleased with the results. This day reminded me of the importance of keeping your eyes open and being ready for surprises, even on the most unassuming days.

Sometimes, the best experiences come from the simplest plans. Our relaxing Sunday walk turned into a memorable outing with beautiful photo opportunities that we hadn’t anticipated. It’s a great reminder that nature and history often hold delightful surprises if you take the time to look.

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