A Return to Wild Waters: Rediscovering a Gorge Hiking Adventure
A Return to Wild Waters: Rediscovering a Gorge Hiking Adventure

A Return to Wild Waters: Rediscovering a Gorge Hiking Adventure

Last week, my wife and I embarked on a hike we had not done in eight years. Our memories of that initial trek were fond, filled with vivid images of wild waters and narrow paths and great mountain ranges. I was particularly eager to revisit the route to see how my photography skills had developed over the years. With this plan in mind, we set off to Scharnitz, the starting point of our adventure.

The Journey Begins

The weather was beautiful, promising a perfect day for hiking. We started along a forest road, which was surrounded by natural beauty. It wasn’t long before we veered off the main road and followed a smaller path along the river. The sound of the river coming from the mountains and the natural surroundings were both energizing and relaxing.

At one point, a little stream joined the river from the side. Intrigued, I decided to climb up the stream a couple of meters, hoping to find a good photo opportunity. I crawled around carefully on the slippery stones and looked for a good perspective along the stream. I really enjoyed walking around in this little spot. Going high and low, trying to find a bit of a foreground, etc. Well – this spontaneous detour led to my first photo of the day:

A breathtaking scene of a river cutting through a rugged, rocky cliff is captured in this image. The river flows steadily, carving its way through the imposing rock formations. The cliffs tower above, showcasing a blend of grey and black hues. The sky above is partially covered by fluffy clouds, adding a soft contrast to the stark landscape. Trees can be seen dotting the edges of the cliffs, adding a touch of green to the otherwise rocky terrain. This natural landscape exudes a sense of wilderness and tranquility, making it a perfect depiction of the beauty of nature.

The Waterfall

Soon, we rejoined the forest road, but not for long. We followed a sign directing us off the main road to a smaller path leading to a waterfall. Actually, it was a pleasant surprise as I didn’t remember this waterfall at all from our previous tour. On the map I also hadn’t recognized a waterfall, just a viewpoint without further notice. As I said: The location and the waterfall were beautiful, though I couldn’t quite capture it in a way that did it justice. Maybe I would have found a good perspective if I had tried longer. But I wanted to go on and visit the gorge where I expected more amazing spots.

As we continued, the path became smaller and steeper. I often looked back to enjoy in the stunning views of the Karwendel mountains. Especially when I realized that a view into the Karwendel opened up behind me, with the path being a possible leading line into the image!

A serene and picturesque scene captured in this image showcases a winding path cutting through a lush grassy area. Towering trees line the path, their branches reaching towards the sky. In the distance, majestic mountains rise up against a backdrop of fluffy white clouds. The dominant colors of the image are a vibrant green for the grass and trees, with accents of black and white. The overall atmosphere is one of tranquility and natural beauty, inviting viewers to imagine themselves walking along this peaceful trail surrounded by the wonders of nature.

Entering the Gorge

After another stretch on the forest road, winding through lush green woods with the sun shining and birds chirping, we finally reached the gorge! The path here was narrow, hugging the mountain with vivid water below and breathtaking views all around. This part of the trail might be daunting for those afraid of heights, but for us, it was quite some joy. The roaring of the wild water below was a constant companion. Louder when the path was closer to the water and the gorge narrow, quieter further up.

I stopped frequently to soak in the surroundings, always on the lookout for the perfect photo opportunity. After every bend a new beautiful view showed up. I also often turned around to capture not only the way ahead but also the views back up. Especially as I learned that flowing water is often better captured photographed upwards so that the water is flowing towards the viewer.

Then, I came across two spots that truly excited me. You probably know this feeling when you are at a spot and feel that this must be worth a photo – you just haven’t found the right position, angle, etc. Well – I experimented with different foregrounds to cover some less interesting parts of the scene (like parts of the trail or spots with only gravel), adjusting my position and camera settings until I was satisfied with the composition. The preview on the display of my camera looked … promising and I was really hoping that at least one of the photos would turn out well!

Capturing Memories on Video

In addition to taking photos, I recorded several video clips with my phone. It was a fun way to capture more memories of our hike. However, I realized that I felt awkward talking to the phone when accompanied by my wife. Please don’t ask me why. Maybe I’m just not used to it, who knows. Instead, I focused on the natural sounds and the overall atmosphere.

During post-processing, I debated whether to add a voice-over to the video. Ultimately, I decided against it, opting to keep the video and processing simple and true to the experience. And to be honest I just had no idea what I could have said that would have done justice to the experience of the video.

Comparing Filming Equipment

At one spot, I compared filming with my phone to filming with my Sony Alpha 7iii. And uff wow – the quality of the Sony was significantly better. But the phone’s image stabilization is just key. When using the Sony I would have to do all image stabilization in post processing while the phone does it directly while recording – which makes it of course ways easier to check the result in the field.


Our return to this gorge hike was everything we hoped it would be and more. The combination of beautiful weather, challenging trails, and stunning scenery made for a perfect day. I was able to capture some great photos and videos, showcasing the natural beauty of the area. If you’re interested in experiencing the hike for yourself, check out the embedded video titled “Narrow Paths, Wild Waters. A Gorge Hiking Adventure.” I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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