Recap June 2024
Recap June 2024

Recap June 2024

After a brief blogging-slowdown due to a quite filled work schedule and a well-deserved vacation, I’m back to recap the adventures of June. While activities were more relaxed compared to the bustling May, this month offered a mix of local explorations and epic solo journeys through lovely terrains.


  • My wife and I indulged in a refreshing walk up the familiar Blomberg mountain. Despite its regularity in our routine, the charm of this local gem never fails to invigorate us, serving as a perfect outing for a quick dose of physical activity.
  • Venturing to a nearby village based on a Sunday walk recommendation proved to be a delightful surprise: On this humid day, we stumbled upon two captivating photo spots, adding unexpected highlights to our leisurely stroll.
  • The highlight of the month was undoubtedly the completion of a year-long hiking project. Embarking on a challenging 9-hour bike and hike loop to a mountain, I began exploring the previous year – a solitary but mesmerizing journey that
    brought a satisfying sense of achievement.

Preceding our vacation, preparations took a bit of time. We had a couple of printed and online guides around. We didn’t make a precise plan about when to go where. But we wanted to have a nice selection of activites when we were there. So that we wouldn’t have to do the research every day during our vcataions.

Photo- & Videography

During the 9-hour hike, I did my photography under less than ideal weather conditions. The challenging experience proved rewarding, pushing me to send some captures to a local alpine club competition showcasing the club’s maintained hut. Additionally, applications for a photography exhibition at a reopening local hotel and inclusion in a tourist magazine commercial also marked this productive month. I’ll eep you posted if I got accepted at any of the applications!

Creation of a video documenting the 9-hour adventure presented both allure and time-consuming challenges. While the video theme resonated well, I realized the necessity of prioritizing amidst varied creative projects to maintain a balanced
workflow. Video takes just SO much time – even with a great tool. Especially I find videos more attractive where someone speaks to the camera – yet sometimes just don’t feel like recording that kind of footage becasue I’m just so “in the moment” of the hiking – in the calm and silent environment. – Well, I see I’m more the hiker than an influencer / videographer. But that’s okay for me as well.

Social Media

Reflecting on my Instagram stint, a waning enthusiasm was noted, possibly due to a perceived lack of engagement. On Instagram I kind of always feel the push of “doing more for the algorithm and supporting others”, it just stresses me. Contrasting this, the interactive and engaging platform of Mastodon appeared more alluring, hinting at a potential shift in focus for social media interactions in the future.


June’s work might have been light on the blog front, but here’s a rundown of the month’s posts:

  • Completing the Trail Loop Project

    Last Saturday, I embarked on a solo hike to complete a personal project: traversing all trails around a particular mountain. Despite the forecast predicting overcast skies and possible rain, the journey offered unexpected rewards, including close encounters with wildlife and stunning vistas. Here’s a detailed account of the adventure.

  • A Relaxing Sunday Walk with Unexpected Surprises

    On a Sunday filled with mixed weather forecasts, my wife and I decided to take a relaxing walk around a nearby village. Despite our low expectations, we stumbled upon some unexpected photo opportunities, capturing a charming chapel and a magnificent tree. Here’s a recount of our surprising and rewarding day.

  • A Return to Wild Waters: Rediscovering a Gorge Hiking Adventure

    Join us on a journey as we revisit a beloved hike from eight years ago. This time, equipped with improved photography skills and a passion for capturing nature’s beauty, we explore the stunning gorge near Scharnitz. Watch our video, “Narrow Paths, Wild Waters. A Gorge Hiking Adventure,” embedded below.

  • A Simple Solution for Smelly Boots and Shoes

    Bad smells in boots and shoes can be a nuisance. While common advice abounds, there’s a straightforward method that’s often overlooked: washing them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you keep your footwear fresh and odor-free.

Thank you

Appreciation goes out to all who continue to follow my journey through the blog and on my channels! Your presence and feedback add immense value to each adventure shared here.

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