The Beauty of Nature
Get your Print NOW!

Get your Print NOW!

The best of my photos are available for prints! Check out the print stores for having those gems in your home as well!

Saal-Digital (EU Customers only)

Exclusive Photos

Exclusive preconfigured Print Products


Exclusive Photos

(Reach out to me if you have a wish for a certain photo)

Why two shops?!

Personally, I prefer Saal-Digital. Yet I had to find out that the currently only ship to EU (as long as I do not open subsidiaries in the UK and US).
FineArtAmerica on the other side does not provide the same products, the website is not available in German and the product portfolio is quite different …

Can’t you do shipping yourself?

Technically I could, of course! Yet this comes with severe downsides:

  • The shipping costs are tremendous depending on the country you are ordering from.
  • Lost parcels, damaged goods, returns … all that I would have suddenly to deal with.

Especially the last point convinces me to outsource this part of the business.
Of course, this also has the issue that I cannot sign prints or products. I would have loved to add this individualized touch!
If you want a highly personalized & signed item, reach out to me.