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The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

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I take photos on my hikes to capture memories. But a photo is just a single moment – a snapshot – that embeds into an adventure. Both together are the hiking experience. And this is the experience that I want to share with you through my stories. Browse through the latest blog posts here, follow via RSS or stay connected through other platforms, fully up to you!

  • Recap June 2024
    Reflecting on a less active month, June brought walks, biking adventures, vacation anticipation, and photography projects. From a local mountain stroll to a 9-hour solo hike, the month offered diverse outdoor experiences. Social media shifts and upcoming blog posts rounded out the month’s activities.
  • Completing the Trail Loop Project
    Last Saturday, I embarked on a solo hike to complete a personal project: traversing all trails around a particular mountain. Despite the forecast predicting overcast skies and possible rain, the journey offered unexpected rewards, including close encounters with wildlife and stunning vistas. Here’s a detailed account of the adventure.
  • A Relaxing Sunday Walk with Unexpected Surprises
    On a Sunday filled with mixed weather forecasts, my wife and I decided to take a relaxing walk around a nearby village. Despite our low expectations, we stumbled upon some unexpected photo opportunities, capturing a charming chapel and a magnificent tree. Here’s a recount of our surprising and rewarding day.
  • A Return to Wild Waters: Rediscovering a Gorge Hiking Adventure
    Join us on a journey as we revisit a beloved hike from eight years ago. This time, equipped with improved photography skills and a passion for capturing nature’s beauty, we explore the stunning gorge near Scharnitz. Watch our video, “Narrow Paths, Wild Waters. A Gorge Hiking Adventure,” embedded below.
  • A Simple Solution for Smelly Boots and Shoes
    Bad smells in boots and shoes can be a nuisance. While common advice abounds, there’s a straightforward method that’s often overlooked: washing them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you keep your footwear fresh and odor-free.
  • Recap May 2024
    May 2024 was filled with hikes, bike rides, and new photography opportunities. From unexpected village walks to mountain biking loops, each activity offered experiences and memorable moments. Here’s a recap of our month, covering our adventures, photography endeavors, and blog updates.

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Looking for even more adventures? I recommend having a look into the archives! I’m sure you’ll find some entertaining posts of my adventures. The stories usually cover a specific adventure, bring some context and the most stunning photos of the particular trip. Check them out!