The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

The Beauty of Nature

My photos are made on my hikes – hikes that you and me and everyone could do. Yet not all of us are fortunate enough to live close enough to a mountain area like I do – or you simply miss the physical ability, the time or the motivation to do so. But why should this stop you from feeling this experience?

Enjoy the photography, enjoy the stories around the photography, enjoy the hiking experience.

Some special collections can be found in the Gallery:
Bogland Walk | The Whiteout | Alpine Bridge | Dark & Moody Nature | Pristine Winter

  • Accepted into Docu Magazine’s Vol.22: My Journey as a Nature and Landscape Photographer
    I want to share my excitement about being accepted into Docu Magazine’s Vol.22 as a nature and landscape photographer and offer a promo code for those interested in checking out my work and the other ebooks available on Docu Magazine.
  • Discovering Frozen Majesties
    In my latest hiking adventure, my wife and I set out to explore a beautiful mountain range covered in snow and ice. The highlight of our journey was undoubtedly the stunning views we encountered at the summit. From here, we were able to witness the majesty of the mountains, which were both impressive and intimidating.
  • A Day of Serenity in the Mountains
    Join me as I trek through a winter wonderland, encountering steep ascents, deep snow, and icy trails. The beauty of the snow-covered mountains and the peacefulness of the hike will take your breath away. Experience the thrill of solitude and discover the rewards of pushing yourself to your limits in this unforgettable hiking adventure.
  • Why my Blog beats Twitter for immersive Experience
    As a photographer, I love sharing my work with the world. And while Twitter is a great platform for posting photos, I’ve found that my photo blog offers a more complete and immersive experience for my audience. Here’s why:
  • “The Whiteout: A Breathtaking Adventure in the Clouds!”
    “The Whiteout” is a blog post about a breathtaking adventure that took place in the clouds a year ago. Despite the cold weather, the author and their wife ventured out on a hike and experienced a serene and moody atmosphere, reminding us to take risks and explore the unknown.
  • Head in the Clouds
    On Saturday, I had a few candidates in mind for my mountain adventure, but in the end, I decided to stick with my number one choice from the day before. I packed my backpack with everything I would need for the day, including snacks, water, and warm layers. The weather was chilly and cloudy, but I was determined to make the most of my day.

More posts can be found on the photoblog.

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