The Beauty of Nature
The Whiteout

The Whiteout

In April 2022 we were able to have this unique experience. We followed a path that led us directly into the clouds and into a magical winter landscape in the mountains. Never before have we experienced something so fascinating and unforgettable.

The Junction: At some point in the trail, we had to decide whether to continue further up into snow and ice or head back down again. The trees were completely frozen from the humidity. The only sounds were our breathing and the crunching of the snow under our shoes and soundless snowfall. Other than that – complete silence. Finally, our path led upwards.

The Ascent: The path was full of snow and ice. We were grateful for our crampons. I had looked around and wanted to catch up. When I turned back to the trail I just saw this powerful scene that just expressed all the hiking vibe that I felt in this moment.

The Void: We reached this plateau in the middle of the clouds. It was almost a complete whiteout. The rest of the way and the rest of the world disappeared in the void. The visible world suddenly narrowed down to a very small environment.

The Storm: We quickly realized that we were not moving in the fog, but in the clouds, when the wind picked up and we suddenly found ourselves in a snowstorm. Thanks to the right equipment, we were able to enjoy the situation without feeling in danger.