Year: <span>2022</span>
Year: 2022

A winter Tree

I’m very much used to lots of color during my adventures. So it is always special to me to shoot in snowy scenes: just looking for structures that catch the eye and draw attention. The snowfall is a nice opportunity to play with the exposure time. Overall: an ideal time to practice and find new creative ways of perceiving the surrounding.

A Photo Walk in the Snow

My last opportunity to take photos was during a really gorgeous hike in an autumn weather: Nice warm colors, all the leaves in the autumn colors. But this day – there were no colors anymore! The world was black, white and grey. I really had to get into recognizing and “seeing” motives again.

The Magic Light

We were just crossing a flat alpine meadow and were heading back towards the end of our journey when I realized that I started to see my own shadow in front of me. At the same time, everything around started to become brighter. Would the sun really have found a way?

A Snow Hike

At the end of January, we decided to try hiking a summit that we hiked already in summer. The experience during summer was pretty nice so that we wanted to try another path up and see the peak in winter. The weather forecast was stable and cloudy. It hadn’t snowed for quite a while, so I thought chances are high that some people where already at the summit before us and made up the track already. Especially in winter this is pretty preferable as walking in fresh snow is not just quite exhausting, but also a little challenge to navigation as all the paths are hidden under the snow.

Into the Storm

On this Saturday in early January, we started the day with the intention of going out for a hike. The weather forecast told us that it was likely to snow – which was pretty okay for us. Walking / hiking in slight snowfall is very nice. So, we decided to go for a mountain that we know pretty well. Therefore, the risk of getting lost was negligible. We also had no concern about avalanches on this trail. But we didn’t think about heavy winds or even a storm, …

Made in Pain

After an already painful hike I found myself at a junction where I had to decide to quickly relieve my pain and get home quickly – or do a detour, prolong the pain, visit another spot and take the opportunity for another small adventure …

The framed Bridge

This day was one of the rare days where I went out explicitly to explore some photo locations that I searched before on a couple of maps. I didn’t even expect to be able to do some nice shots as it was during the mid of the day. Nevertheless, while I went away from the previous spot, I caught a glimpse through some branches. “This could make up a great framing for this motive” I thought and so I quickly pulled out the camera again and just tried!

The Bridge

I wanted to see if there are other spots from where this bridge is a valuable motive. So, I just started my hike after some preparation at a convenient time of the day. The weather was nice, the temperature was comfortable, autumn being on the rise, clear blue sky – very nice hiking weather.