Alpine Huts
Alpine Huts

Alpine Huts

Alpine huts are not uncommon here in the area. Nowadays they are usually used to store agricultural tools. In former times it was the storage for the hay that was harvested from the surrounding alp. As those huts are not particularly uncommon, I usually don’t take photos of them. My problem is usually, that I don’t find them too interesting – and that it’s just hard to find an interesting background.

This day indeed was special as I wanted to scout a couple of locations that I had discovered before. So, we drove there and hiked to a couple of spots to check if there’s a scenic and/or interesting composition around. By chance it happened that we went for a walk with some friends afterwards. And while we were walking along this alm and having a good chat, I discovered this composition that immediately caught my attention: The single tree, flanked by the two huts, the gently rolling hills and the curve in the back where the meadow ends. — It could make a nice shot.

Processing wise, it was about some global adjustments like:

  • decreasing overall exposure,
  • decreasing the lights, increasing the depths
  • adjusting the white and black points
  • slightly increasing the dynamics
  • the midtones received a slightly warm touch
  • some vignette

Additionally, to the global adjustments I just did three types of local adjustments:

  • additional vignettes in the lower corners
  • the tree received a warmer color temperature
  • quite a couple of stampings
Local adjustments


  1. Ahmed

    Hey Franz,

    I find this amazing!

    The level of detail is very much on-point; the explanation on the blog gives the good level of details some-one should know in order to proceed with his photo edits. First identifying what could be enhanced, second identifying how this is done and finally seeing the outcome of before and after.

    The coloring on the final screen-shot is also on-point, I figured out a lot of details that are missing.

    Thank you very much for providing that!

  2. Beth

    Hi Franz!

    I am still learning how to use Lightroom, and there are several features I have yet to use. Your explanation of the editing process for this photo taught me a few new things, for example the importance of midtone color adjustment. I love the overall way the warm tones in this photo pop out. Wonderful!

    1. Avatar photo

      I totally feel you! I haven’t used the split toning a lot until one of the last Lightroom updates. When I understood how it worked a whole new dimension of creativity opened up to me! It’s totally worth investing some time.

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