Discovering Frozen Majesties
Discovering Frozen Majesties

Discovering Frozen Majesties

The photos of this adventure are available for print, A3 wall calendar and desk calendars (German/English) and photo flip

It was a cold and cloudy morning, but the weather forecast predicted that it would clear up and become sunny later in the day. My wife and I had been planning to go for a hiking trip, and we were excited to hit the trails together. After a nice breakfast, my wife suggested a hiking route, and I quickly agreed. It wasn’t a very challenging hike, but we weren’t looking to climb any mountains or set any speed records. We just wanted to spend some quality time together in nature and enjoy a nice day out.

Into the Mountains

The first part of our hike took us along a boring asphalt road, but it wasn’t long before we joined a forest road that led us deeper into the mountains. As we walked, we were soon met with warning signs indicating that we had entered a military security zone. It was a bit intimidating to see these signs and to be reminded that we were not to leave the road.

After a while, we reached a point where our shoes touched the first snow. It was a beautiful sight, with the sun shining down and reflecting off the snowflakes. We were excited to be walking through fresh, untouched snow, and soon we found ourselves walking along the forest road, completely surrounded by a peaceful and serene winter landscape. As we walked, we enjoyed the total silence and peace of the winter wilderness. There was no one else around, and we felt like we were the only people in the world. It was an incredibly peaceful and calming experience, and we felt grateful to be able to enjoy such a beautiful landscape in the company of each other.

The Frozen Majesties

After about two hours of hiking, we finally emerged from the forest and were greeted by the view that I had been waiting for. We turned to the side and around, and there they were: two huge mountain ranges, massive and intimidating, covered in snow and ice!

Thick, slowly moving clouds hung in front of the mountains, creating a sense of mystery and awe. But behind the clouds, the sun was shining, casting a warm glow on the snow-covered peaks. It was a breathtaking sight, and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and tele lens to try to capture the majesty of the moment. As we stood there, searching for the right angles and details to photograph, I realized that I needed to be patient and wait for the perfect moment.

Clouds usually move slowly, but as soon as I started taking photos, it felt like they were speeding up, constantly changing the lighting and mood of the scene. Despite the challenge of capturing the beauty of the frozen majesties before us, we felt incredibly lucky to be able to witness such a breathtaking view and to experience the wonder of nature together.

To the Summit

After the clouds had closed the curtain on the view, we continued the last 15-minute ascent to the summit, looking forward to a well-deserved snack. As we reached the top, we found a comfortable spot to rest and enjoy some food, taking in the stunning surroundings.

As luck would have it, the clouds lifted the curtain once again, revealing even more breathtaking views of the mountains and the snowy landscape. I immediately grabbed my camera and took advantage of the opportunity, zooming in on the impressive rocks and snow formations and taking several photos.

While I was hoping to spot a person somewhere to give a sense of scale to the vastness of the landscape, I was also secretly hoping not to find anyone in such dangerous spots. Fortunately, I didn’t spot anyone, and the clouds eventually closed the curtain once again, signaling the end of our photo session.

I was thrilled that I had brought my 300mm lens with me that day. It proved to be the perfect tool for capturing the beauty of the mountain landscape from afar.

The Descent

The descent from the summit was a little adventurous as we had to do some pathfinding, but it wasn’t anything dangerous. The area was easy to read, and we had the path in sight that we were heading towards. As we made our way down, we stopped at a beautiful mountain lake for a quick break before continuing on our way.

Finally, we made it back to the car, feeling happy and satisfied after a great day in the mountains. We decided to celebrate with a stop at a cozy coffee house, where we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake while reminiscing about the highlights of our hike.

The photos of this adventure are available for print, A3 wall calendar and desk calendars (German/English) and photo flip

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