Winter is back!
Winter is back!

Winter is back!

On Friday evening it started snowing again! And not only it did snow a bit – it continued to snow until Saturday morning. Honestly, I was really lazy in the morning, slept longer, took my time for breakfast and wasn’t really in a hurry. I didn’t plan any larger hike as I knew that I wouldn’t have a car this day anyways.

After I got myself set up, I decided that I had to grab the opportunity and do at least a little hike to the local mountain. Just getting a bit out, get some fresh air and maybe a photo or two. After packing my backpack with spikes, gloves and a warm jacket, I set off towards the trail.

Arriving at the mountain, I was super motivated: no car there, no trace ahead. This could become a good day! As I was gaining height, the snow got deeper and more powdery. A dream of a hike! And I indeed was quite lucky: Until the destination, I just saw some persons in the distance or passing by quickly.

Arriving at the destination, an alpine meadow with a hut and a little chapel, I found myself in quite some fresh wind. I was glad to have a warm jacket and gloves with me! After a quick snack I started looking around for motives and compositions. As clouds were chasing in, the visibility went down to some dozen meters. This posed quite new opportunities, as the background was removed from the motives.

In case of the tree line, the clouds just gave some additional depth. – After a while I was heading back down the same way that I took upwards. Again, always enjoying the moody landscape, always looking for new motives that could make a proper photograph. When I left the forest to enter another meadow, I looked down into the valley, looking for interesting structures amongst the trees, streets and houses. Quickly I discovered some straight lined and sharp angles between some meadows. Those sharp edges were so outstanding. The contrast to the soft round shapes all around, that they immediately drew my attention.

After all, I am very happy that I went on this little snow adventure so that I was able to capture those monochromatic winter shots.

The photos are currently also available as prints!

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