A Journey to New Heights: Hiking the Uncharted Summit
A Journey to New Heights: Hiking the Uncharted Summit

A Journey to New Heights: Hiking the Uncharted Summit

Embracing the Challenge

Nestled in a nearby nature reserve is a mountain that I had not yet explored and conquered on my hikes. It isn’t the tallest, the most challenging, or the most dangerous, yet it held a peculiar respect in my mind that I cannot explain. Standing at around 1300 meters, it beckoned with an air of mystery and adventure. This was the mountain I had never hiked before, and for some reason, it had earned my respect. Perhaps it was the next level for me, a step up in elevation that sparked both curiosity and caution.

A Wellness Weekend Unlike Any Other

One July weekend, my wife embarked on a wellness retreat, leaving me with the perfect opportunity to plan my own version of a wellness weekend – one that involved challenging trails and breathtaking vistas. The chosen mountain became the focal point of my adventure. I felt a surge of confidence and determination; it was time to conquer the unconquered. To ensure a smooth ascent, I consulted a friend who had hiked this mountain already about the best route to the summit.

“When do you plan to start?” he asked.
“I thought 8 am, after taking the bus to the trailhead,” I replied.
“I’d start earlier; the weather forecast predicts a hot day,” he advised.

Taking this advice to heart, I adjusted my plans and settled on an even earlier start – 7 am. Eager to share my plans, I mentioned them to my father, an avid hiker himself. His response echoed the sentiment of my friend.

“I’d start earlier; the weather forecast says it’s a hot day,” he recommended.

With the guidance of seasoned hikers, my start time was further adjusted to 6 am. Alas, the bus also wasn’t an option any more as I was ahead of public transport schedules.

A Trailhead Awakening

The day of the hike arrived, and I found myself naturally waking up at 4:30 am, a mix of excitement and anticipation driving me. When I arrived at the starting point of the hike at 6 a.m., the world around me was still asleep. Absolute silence, but dawn was already so far advanced that I didn’t even need a headlamp. The sign at the trailhead indicated a 3.5-hour journey to the summit, igniting a sense of both challenge and achievement.

The trail, well-marked and inviting, snaked its way through shaded areas, presenting me with moments of tranquility and breathtaking views. The air was crisp, and the surroundings were veiled in a wonderful silence, setting the perfect stage for the adventure that lay ahead.

Chasing the Sun

Around 7:30 am, as I ascended further along the trail, the sun made its debut over the ridge, casting a warm glow on the landscape. The interplay of light and shadow added a mesmerizing dimension to the journey. The path alternated between sunlit stretches and cool, shaded areas, creating a visual symphony that accompanied me on my ascent. Fears that temperatures could rise were unfounded. It remained pleasantly cool for the further ascent and the view got better and better!

By 8 am, I reached a mountain hut, a planned waypoint that initially tempted me with the promise of breakfast. Yet, sounds of chatting people and clinking cutlery drifted out of the hut onto the sunlit terrace. However, after three and a half hours of silence and solitude – the silence only interrupted when I recorded some clips – the bustling atmosphere felt jarring. Opting to continue the solitude, I decided to forgo the planned break and went on toward the summit.

Reaching the Summit

The final stretch, involving a bit of climbing along an iron rope, led me to the summit after a bit over 3 hours of exertion. Sweaty and hungry, I stood at the summit, greeted by a sense of accomplishment that surpassed my expectations. That, despite taking photos and a little break, I had reached the summit earlier than expected was a fact that I only realized ways later at home, when I realized that the planned ascent time was given as 3.5 hours. During the ascent, I’m usually so absorbed in the climb and nature itself that I rarely pay attention to the exact time (as long as I’m safe until sunset).

Sharing the summit with a handful of individuals who had stayed overnight at the hut, I took a moment to savor the feeling. Finally, I had hiked this mountain, and the elation was palpable. I spent some time memorizing the views, snacking, recovering and simply enjoying being up there – even if I always have some respect for the descent, because it just looks so high!

Descending Through the Shades

Descending initially over alpine meadows and later through mountain forests, the temperature gradually rose with each step. Grateful for the cooling shade provided by the trees, I continued my descent, eventually reaching the road that would lead me back to the car.

At that time a group of hikers came towards me. In the heat, I wouldn’t have wanted to swap places with them and was glad to be on my way back already. The last 3 kilometers on asphalt and forest roads proved challenging as the sun’s intensity heightened, creating a really uncomfortable heat.

A Bridge to Cross, a Moment of Unease

The final leg of the journey brought an unexpected challenge: Walking along a forest road with almost no shade, the realization struck me – if the little bridge I had planned to cross shortly before reaching the car wasn’t there or unusable, I would need to backtrack quite a bit, use another bridge and make another 2km back on asphalt roads. The prospect of this detour was certainly not pleasant! The discomfort of uncertainty loomed until the bridge finally came into sight.

To my very relief the small bridge, just enough for a single hiker to pass, was trustworthy enough to pass the vivid stream below. I happily crossed and dipped my head in the cool water, cooling down and reenergizing for the last short part back to the car.

Coming to an End

Seven hours later, I returned to my car, a mix of exhaustion and satisfaction etched on my face. Sweaty and tired, I couldn’t help but smile, grateful for the decision to embark on this challenging hike and appreciative of the early start that had made the day memorable. As I drove away, the promise to return for different routes to the summit lingered in my thoughts, a testament to the allure of the mountains and the undeniable satisfaction found in conquering the seemingly insurmountable.

In the span of a single day, I had conquered a mountain that had held a mysterious allure, faced the challenges of an early start, and encountered unexpected moments of joy and uncertainty. This journey, both physically demanding and spiritually enriching, became a beloved and memorable adventure. It reaffirmed the importance of pushing one’s boundaries, embracing challenges, and finding unexpected joy in the midst of the unknown.


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