A Walk to an Unforeseen Beauty in the Backcountry
A Walk to an Unforeseen Beauty in the Backcountry

A Walk to an Unforeseen Beauty in the Backcountry

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the start of May. Today, I want to share a recent adventure my wife and I embarked on, which turned out to be quite different from our usual mountain hikes or cycling loops. On the 1st of May, we decided to explore the area around a nearby village, inspired by a book we recently purchased from a local bookstore. Little did we know that this simple decision would lead to an unexpected photography journey.

As we set off, the path led us straight to an old chapel nestled atop a hill. I was struck by the picturesque scene unfolding before us. The winding path, the towering tree, and the chapel – it was clear that there was potential for some beautiful compositions. I just had to take the time to find it. For my first shot, I opted for a central composition, positioning the chapel directly ahead with the tree aside to break the symmetry. Placing the horizon line close to the lower third of the frame added a sense of balance to the image:

As we continued our walk, I decided to experiment with different perspectives. Getting closer to the ground allowed me to capture more of the surrounding meadow, while the branches of the tree created a frame around the chapel in the back. A wide crop accentuated the panoramic view, immersing the viewer in the expansive landscape. Actually, I’m quite tempted to print this photo. It might look good on structured mate paper:

As we looped around the hill, I was struck by a view from the opposite direction. Despite the path not leading directly to the chapel, the horizon line seamlessly connected with the row of trees, creating a sense of harmony in the composition. I struggled with finding a good composition but took a couple of photos – hoping that I could connect to one of them later.

Finally, after looping around the hill to the other side of the chapel, we found ourselves amidst a vast, green meadow. With minimal colorful details given from a green meadow in the midground, I decided to get low to the ground, using the vibrant yellow flowers as a foreground element. By going low enough I was able to hide the midground completely and connect the flowers directly to the church. The harsh midday light posed a challenge as I could barely see the information on the display of the camera. I adjusted my camera settings to capture a couple of photos went down again and repeated those iterations a couple of times. The result was worth the effort, with the flowers adding a pop of color to the otherwise plain green midground:

Exploring this nearby village turned out to be a delightful surprise, reminding me that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. It’s moments like these that reaffirm my love for photography and the joy of discovering new perspectives.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our photography adventure. Until next time, happy exploring!

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