End of the Email Newsletter!
End of the Email Newsletter!

End of the Email Newsletter!

For quite some years, I’ve had a newsletter functionality on this website, and a few people even subscribed to it. However, maintaining extra content for the newsletter has been a struggle. Despite minor success, the effort wasn’t proportionate.

Recently, I received a notification from my webhoster that the Newsletter signup page was abused for sending spam emails. I had forgotten to add a Captcha, making the form vulnerable. While adding a Captcha would’ve been a simple solution, it would also require adding a cookie banner to explain the use of cookies for this feature. Given that I’ve set up the site to avoid needing a cookie banner altogether, this would’ve added unnecessary complexity.

Therefore, I’ve decided to discontinue the Email Newsletter altogether.

You can still follow this site through other channels:

The upside is, I no longer have to struggle with whether or not to continue the newsletter.

I hope you continue to follow me through these alternative channels, let’s keep in touch!

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