Recap November 2023
Recap November 2023

Recap November 2023


Since February this year I did a monthly recap of my activities. Be it photography, hiking or noteworthy activities and successes. This recap was only sent to the subscribers of my newsletter. Which was totally fine – but on the other hand: why should I only publish it to the subscribers and not the rest of the community? I admit, I saw no good reason why I shouldn’t publish the recap on the website as well. This way it reaches a larger audience, you don’t have to worry about your email (even though it is only used for the newsletter) and it’s on my own platform.


I confess: This month we have not been as active in hiking as in the previous months. I’ve still been out and about for a hike on 3 of 4 weekends in November! But in parts, the weather was not very tempting, and we also fixed a lot of things in our apartment that we’ve been putting off for quite some time. So, we haven’t been lazy.

Nevertheless, the hike we did were totally worth every second: We started November with a rather cold hike – where I learned that I need more and different layers to wear – but also returned with a couple of stunning shots! Mid-November we did our first snow-hike where enjoyed the first taste of winter and touched some snow, finally. I ended November with a solo tour into the local mountains where I just wanted to test a real snow hike and ended on a mountain in thigh-deep snow, heavy wind, a freezing water bottle and a lesson of minimalism in photography. Read about some of them in the blog posts below!


I am a bit proud: I kept the posts coming and managed to write another four blog posts where I shared my adventures and the stunning shots that were taken on the same. To be honest: it is a pleasure to write the posts as I feel like living through the adventures once again. It puts a smile on my face when I read the reactions to my stories.


I was super surprised and happy to see another calendar leaving the press for a friend’s wall! It’s just super rewarding to see a friend being committed so much to those photos that they want to have the shots on their wall for a full year.

Another surprise happened when I was asked for the prints that I do at home – mostly for myself. We had some chat about the photos and according prints that I wanted to keep for my own … but finally, they found a new home!

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