A Four-Summits day in the Ammergauer Alps
A Four-Summits day in the Ammergauer Alps

A Four-Summits day in the Ammergauer Alps

The Ammergauer Alps, with their majestic peaks and serene landscapes, are a hiker’s paradise. Nestled in this region are the Hörnle summits – the Vorderes, Mittleres, and Hinteres Hörnle, standing at approximately 1,484 meters, 1,496 meters, and 1,548 meters respectively. The Stierkopf (1,535 meters), a less prominent but equally beautiful summit, completes this quartet. These peaks offer a diverse hiking experience, with steep ascents, panoramic views, and lush meadows.


We started rather late at about 10 am on this sunny Sunday. We decided to go to the Ammergauer Alps, aiming to hike the three “Hörnle”s and the “Stierkopf.” The last time we visited these mountains was years ago in winter, and it was a magical experience. Having never seen these peaks in summer, we were eager to explore them again, albeit with a slightly different route.

We parked near a charming little church and began our hike. The weather was already warm, so shorts and t-shirts were enough. Despite both of us feeling slightly under the weather, we were motivated by the thought of conquering four summits. The first stretch took us directly up steep meadows. The sun was both a blessing and a challenge. The day was beautiful, but it quickly became quite warm. We realized that an earlier start would have been wiser given the forecast. The climb was steep with few flat sections, but the views each time we turned around made the effort worthwhile. Despite the stunning scenery, I still didn’t feel 100% well during the ascent.

#1 Mittleres Hörnle

After a while, we reached the first summit, the “Mittleres Hörnle.” Thankfully, I started feeling better. We took a moment to enjoy the views but didn’t linger long. We quickly descended and began the ascent to the second summit, the “Vorderes Hörnle.” We decided to tackle all the climbs before stopping for a meal to avoid any discomfort after eating, especially given our earlier unease.

#2 Vorderes Hörnle

We didn’t spend much time at the second summit either. After a brief pause, we descended again, passed the first summit, and headed towards the third summit, the “Hinteres Hörnle.” The path to this one wasn’t particularly spectacular, to be honest. As we walked, I tried to recall the winter scenery from our last visit but couldn’t decide which season I preferred. Each had its unique charm.

#3 Hinteres Hörnle

After a walk and a short climb, we stood on the penultimate summit. Once again, we soaked in the panoramic views, enjoyed the fresh breeze, and basked in the sunshine. By now, hunger was setting in, and we started thinking about having some snacks. However, one last summit awaited us, the “Stierkopf.” Before leaving the third summit, I spent a few moments experimenting with foreground flowers and the summit cross, hoping to capture a nice photo.

#4 Stierkopf

The “Stierkopf” isn’t marked by a cross or any other sign, but it’s far from unspectacular. The views all around were breathtaking, and it marked the last summit of our adventure. We sat down on the meadow, finally had our lunch break, and took the time to relax and re-energize. The scenery was beautiful, and we mentally prepared for the descent.


Then, the last part of our adventure began – the descent. This part of the hike is always the least enjoyable for me. Not only is it physically demanding, but it also signifies the end of the adventure. However, what goes up must come down, so we started our descent through the forest.

Initially, we followed small trails until we joined a forest road. While the forest itself was lush and beautiful, the road wasn’t particularly scenic. Luckily, my wife spotted a sign pointing to a trail leading downwards, away from the main road. We gladly took this trail as it was more interesting and shorter. Near the end, our shortcut rejoined the road, and we approached the last viewpoint. The little church near our parking spot was a picturesque element in the landscape. We could also see the steep route we had climbed at the beginning of our hike.

We ended the hike feeling happy and satisfied with our choice of route. Reflecting on the beautiful scenes and views we encountered, we agreed once more that having a bottle of water in the car for post-hike refreshment would be a good idea. This four-summits adventure in the Ammergauer Alps was a perfect blend of challenge and reward, reminding us why we love hiking these magnificent mountains.


  1. @blog Ich fände ja noch ‘ne Landkarte mit der groben Route voll hilfreich bzw. eine sinnvolle Ergänzung.
    Ansonsten immer ein Genuss, deine bebilderten Tourenerfahrungen – auch wenn ich ja eher Radler bin.
    Danke für’s Teilen auf alle Fälle!

    1. Vielen Dank für das Feedback!
      Ah stimmt, sowas muss ich mir noch überlegen – ich hab das bei anderen schon mal gesehen.
      Kommt mit auf die Liste der Punkte, die ich beim Video-machen noch lernen muss.

      Bisher hab ich immer komplett drauf verzichtet zu schreiben wo das ist – müssen ja in der Regel nicht NOCH mehr Leute dahin laufen wo ich schon bin 😉

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