A Relaxing Hike Through Nature’s Details
A Relaxing Hike Through Nature’s Details

A Relaxing Hike Through Nature’s Details

Last weekend was a long one, and I decided to make the most of it with some intense activities on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I tackled a challenging mountain bike loop, and on Sunday, I pushed myself with a quick yet demanding mountain hike. By Monday, both my wife and I were ready for something more relaxing. My wife hadn’t felt well over the weekend, so we wanted a smaller, less strenuous adventure.

Our initial plan was to hike a nearby summit, thinking it would be an easy, relaxing day out. As we packed our gear, my wife checked the route one last time and casually mentioned that our “small” mountain had an elevation gain of over 600 meters. We were both surprised and slightly concerned, especially given the high humidity from the previous night’s rain. Quickly, we decided to change our plans. I suggested an alternative route that we hadn’t hiked in a while but both enjoyed. With our new plan set, we drove to the starting point and began our ascent.

Start of the trail

The trail started with a climb before mostly descending, making for a varied and interesting route. The path was narrow, winding through lush green vegetation and light forest. The sky was a beautiful, clear blue, making the surroundings even more picturesque. While the trail didn’t offer epic vistas, the beauty lay in the details: The trail, framed by light forest, was adorned with delicate moss and vibrant flowers. Occasionally, we passed by triangular wooden structures, which I explained to curious onlookers as avalanche protection measures, essential for preventing snow from drifting onto the road below.

Focus shift to the Details & Macro

As we walked, we became more attuned to the smaller details around us. The trail’s beauty wasn’t in sweeping panoramas but in the intricate, often-overlooked elements of nature. Flowers lined the path again and again, and we could always spot moss on the tree trunks. Although I don’t normally do macro photography, I felt encouraged to capture these details. After a quick consultation with my wife, I tried different angles to capture these details.

The more we walked, the more details we noticed. Our focus shifted from distant views to the immediate surroundings, each step revealing new elements to appreciate. Not all encounters were pleasant, though. At one point, my wife called for me to stop and plucked a tick from my calf. I shuddered at the sight of the tiny pest. We quickly checked our legs and found another on her hand. This unpleasant discovery made us more cautious, knowing we’d need a thorough check after the hike.

Despite the ticks, we continued to explore the flora around us. I experimented with my camera’s macro setting, capturing the intricate beauty of the flowers. The initial struggle with the settings turned into a fun challenge, and I found myself immersed in the tiny world within the forest. And contrary to the first – admittedly naïve – assumption, it is not that easy to beautifully stage such small details as goblets of flowers.

As we neared the end of the trail’s beautiful section, I suggested to my wife that we look for moss on dead trees. I actually thought it would be easy to find a patch of moss. There was plenty of moss and tree trunks. But on second thought, I didn’t just want moss, I wanted a patch of moss with a certain detail that would make it … interesting. We soon found a promising tree trunk and I tried some close-ups, resulting in some satisfying shots.

Closing the Loop

These experiences filled us with a sense of satisfaction and joy. We began closing the loop along some forest roads, which eventually led us past a lake with occasional bathing areas. To our surprise, the more popular the area became, the more litter we encountered. We picked up some trash along the way, knowing we were helping to keep the environment clean. I asked my wife why exactly we pick up all the litter. She responded snippily, reminding me of my recent blog post where I had explained our reasons for doing so. — When it comes to picking up litter, it’s best not to dwell on the “why” or the people who left it behind. Focus instead on the positive impact you’re making. By cleaning up, we ensure that others can enjoy a pristine environment, just as we have.

Finalizing the Day & Getting into Video

Back home, I was eager to review the photos. I hadn’t recorded many video clips, which I regretted a bit. However, I thought about creating a video with what I had. With modest expectations, I set out to piece together the footage. My goal was simple: add photos, some clips, an intro/outro image, and music. More complex elements like voiceovers or personal intros were out of scope for this project. In the end, I reached my goal. The video came together nicely, combining the photos and clips with fitting music. In the end, I was pleased with the result. It was a modest project, but it captured the essence of our peaceful hike and the beauty we encountered along the way.

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