The Beauty of Nature

Summer in the Mountains

The Bavarian Alps are known for their breathtaking natural beauty, and summertime is the perfect season to fully experience all the region has to offer. From blooming flowers to epic vistas, stunning lakes and towering mountains, a day spent exploring the Bavarian Alps is sure to be a memorable one.

A winter Tree

I’m very much used to lots of color during my adventures. So it is always special to me to shoot in snowy scenes: just looking for structures that catch the eye and draw attention. The snowfall is a nice opportunity to play with the exposure time. Overall: an ideal time to practice and find new creative ways of perceiving the surrounding.

A Photo Walk in the Snow

My last opportunity to take photos was during a really gorgeous hike in an autumn weather: Nice warm colors, all the leaves in the autumn colors. But this day – there were no colors anymore! The world was black, white and grey. I really had to get into recognizing and “seeing” motives again.

Autumn Vibes

In autumn, nature shows itself in the most beautiful colors! The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and nature is preparing for the approaching winter.