Day 6: To Crianlarich! Scenic Drive through the Scottish Highlands
Day 6: To Crianlarich! Scenic Drive through the Scottish Highlands

Day 6: To Crianlarich! Scenic Drive through the Scottish Highlands

On the sixth day of our Scottish adventure, we bid farewell to the charming town of Braemar and embarked on a picturesque journey to Crianlarich. Located approximately 10 kilometers north of Loch Lomond, Crianlarich would be our base for the next leg of our adventure. As we set off on the 140-kilometer (90-mile) drive, we embraced the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, making scenic stops along the way to capture the beauty of the landscapes through our lenses.

Wonderful Rolling Hills

As we began our drive, we were immediately greeted by the enchanting sight of rolling hills stretching as far as the eye could see. The undulating terrain, adorned with vibrant greenery, seemed like a painting come to life. We couldn’t resist the urge to pull over and take in the mesmerizing views, capturing the essence of the Scottish Highlands.

Pitlochry Dam and Visitor Center

Our next stop took us to Pitlochry Dam, where we had the opportunity to explore the exhibition in the Visitor Center. The modern architecture of the center stood in contrast to the natural surroundings, creating an intriguing blend of old and new. Learning about the history and engineering behind the dam added an educational aspect to our journey.

Walk through Killiecrankie

Continuing our scenic drive, we made a stop at Killiecrankie, a place of historical significance. A serene woodland walk led us to the site where the Battle of Killiecrankie took place. The tranquil atmosphere belied the intense history of the area, allowing us to reflect on the events that unfolded there centuries ago.

Blair Castle and Gardens

Our visit to Blair Castle and Gardens was a highlight of our journey from Braemar to Crianlarich. As we stepped into the grandeur of this historic landmark, we were immediately transported back in time. The self-guided tour led us through opulent rooms adorned with period furnishings, tapestries, and art, each corner echoing with tales of the castle’s noble inhabitants. Blair Castle and Gardens provided a captivating blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural immersion. We marveled at the rich heritage encapsulated within its walls and found solace in the tranquility of its picturesque gardens. It was an experience that left us with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the grandeur of Scotland’s historical landmarks. Taking a moment to rest and indulge, we treated ourselves to a quintessentially British experience – tea for two accompanied by freshly baked scones.

Picturesque Ruins along Loch Tummel

A quick stop along the banks of Loch Tummel rewarded us with a charming scene. Sheep grazed peacefully against the backdrop of picturesque ruins, creating a serene ambiance that showcased the timeless beauty of the Scottish countryside. It was a moment of tranquility and a perfect photo opportunity.

Loch Kinardochy with Rain in the Distance

Our journey continued, and we reached Loch Kinardochy, where rain clouds loomed in the distance. The contrasting play of light and shadow over the serene waters added a touch of drama to the landscape. We marveled at the natural beauty before us, capturing the essence of the Scottish weather and its ever-changing moods.

Arrival at Ewich House B&B

With each stop etching new memories, we finally arrived at Ewich House, our chosen B&B just outside Crianlarich. Welcomed by a friendly Swiss couple, we immediately felt at ease in the warm and inviting atmosphere. Their hospitality and attention to detail made us feel truly at home in this new setting.


Day 6 was a journey through the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, as we bid farewell to Braemar and made our way to Crianlarich. The scenic drive allowed us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the rolling hills, historic sites, and picturesque lochs along the way. As we settled into the cozy surroundings of Ewich House, we eagerly looked forward to the adventures that awaited us in the days to come, exploring the wonders of Loch Lomond and its surrounding area.

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