Our 12-Day Trip to Scotland: Day 1 (Arrival)
Our 12-Day Trip to Scotland: Day 1 (Arrival)

Our 12-Day Trip to Scotland: Day 1 (Arrival)

This image shows a beautiful church with a tall clock tower surrounded by lush greenery. The building is made of stone and has an impressive architecture, with its white walls and pointed roof. In the foreground, there are several yellow daffodils growing in front of the church, adding a splash of color to the scene. The sky above is clear blue and dotted with fluffy clouds. A large tree stands on one side of the building, its branches reaching up towards the sky. On another side stands another tree without leaves yet, as if waiting for spring to arrive soon.

Embarking on a 12-day adventure in Scotland, we had carefully planned our itinerary to cover Aberdeenshire, Loch Lomond, and Edinburgh. To make the most of our trip, we decided to focus on fewer locations and delve deeper into the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes each region had to offer. Join us as we recount our unforgettable journey, day by day.

With anticipation in our hearts and a spirit of exploration, we touched down at Edinburgh Airport on a rainy afternoon. Our first destination was Braemar, nestled amidst the magnificent Scottish Highlands. After a smooth car rental process, we eagerly set off, eager to begin our Scottish escapade.

As we arrived in Braemar at the Ivy Cottage, we were warmly greeted by our friendly host, who provided us with all the necessary information about our accommodation and offered valuable suggestions for dining options. Following their recommendations, we ventured out into the town and made our way to a cozy pub, brimming with Scottish charm.

Sitting down at a table, we perused the menu. I couldn’t resist ordering the classic dish: Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Accompanied by a glass of whisky, the meal was a perfect introduction to the country’s heritage. With satisfied taste buds and contented hearts, we bid farewell to the pub and began our stroll back to our accommodation. As we crossed the bridge over the tranquil Clunie Water and its beautiful bridge.

Looking forward to the days ahead, we could hardly contain our excitement. Braemar’s charm had already captivated us, and we were eager to explore its surroundings and discover the hidden gems it had to offer. Our first day in Scotland had set the tone for an incredible journey, leaving us with a sense of wonder and anticipation for what lay ahead.


Day 1 of our Scottish adventure marked a memorable start to our 12-day trip. From the rainy arrival at Edinburgh Airport to our warm welcome in Braemar and our first taste of authentic Scottish cuisine, every moment was imbued with a sense of discovery and enchantment. Join us in the next blog post as we uncover the wonders of Day 2 in Aberdeenshire and continue our exploration of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes and rich heritage.

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