Day 4: Exploring Nature, Royalty and Spirits
Day 4: Exploring Nature, Royalty and Spirits

Day 4: Exploring Nature, Royalty and Spirits

As our Scottish adventure continued, we embarked on Day 4 with a sense of anticipation. Our itinerary led us to the enchanting Linn of Dee, a walk through the majestic surroundings, a visit to the iconic Balmoral Castle, an insightful tour at the Royal Lochnagar Whisky Distillery, and an exploration of the historic Prince Albert’s Cairn. With each destination offering its unique allure, we eagerly set out to uncover the wonders that awaited us.

The Tranquil Beauty of Linn of Dee

For those unfamiliar, the Linn of Dee is a picturesque location nestled in Braemar. It is a haven of natural beauty, characterized by the soothing sound of rushing waters and the tranquility of the surrounding woodlands. As we embarked on a walk around the area, we were greeted by the enchanting sight of red squirrels and immersed ourselves in the serene atmosphere. A knowledgeable ranger from the National Trust shared invaluable insights about the vicinity, and the scarcity of people made it an incredibly relaxing experience. We couldn’t help but imagine the allure of this place in more moody conditions. To our surprise, on our way back, we caught sight of a large group of majestic deer, further enhancing our connection with the Scottish wilderness.

Balmoral Castle – A Royal Retreat

Balmoral Castle, a name that resonates with grandeur and royalty, captivated us with its regal presence. For those unfamiliar, Balmoral Castle is the Scottish residence of the British royal family. During our visit, we explored the castle’s exhibition, delving into its historical significance and the royal family’s deep connection to the estate. Strolling through the park, garden, and castle grounds, we relished the immaculate beauty that surrounded us. We couldn’t resist taking a delightful break for tea and scones, savoring the quintessential Scottish treat as we admired the grandeur of our surroundings.

Unveiling the Royal Lochnagar Whisky Distillery

A highlight of our day was a guided tour at the Royal Lochnagar Whisky Distillery. Its royal designation stems from a visit by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, bestowing it with the esteemed title. We learned about the intricate whisky-making process and the rich heritage that defines the distillery. The tour concluded with a whisky tasting, allowing us to savor the distinct flavors and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. We were delighted by the intimate setting of the distillery, which offered a unique glimpse into the world of Scottish whisky. Our introduction to the distillery began years ago when we sampled the Game of Thrones edition, making this visit all the more special.

We appreciate the distillery’s thoughtful offering of filling whisky samples into small bottles, allowing responsible drivers to enjoy the experience at home. Please always remember to drink responsibly.

The Historic Significance of Prince Albert’s Cairn

Our day culminated with a visit to Prince Albert’s Cairn, nestled amidst the nearby hills and forests. For those unfamiliar, a cairn is a pile of stones often used as a memorial or marker. Prince Albert’s Cairn stands as a testament to history, symbolizing the deep connection of the royal family to the region. Its impressive size and distinctive pyramidal shape create an intriguing sight against the backdrop of the Scottish landscape. We marveled at the number of cairns in the area, each with its own historical significance. In recent years, it has gained popularity as a social media hotspot, attracting visitors from far and wide. Despite the rain, we reveled in the breathtaking lookout and the opportunity to witness another round cairn.


As the day drew to a close, we found solace once again in the comforting embrace of the local pub, reflecting on the remarkable experiences of the day. Anticipation filled the air as we eagerly looked forward to the adventures that awaited us on Day 5 of our Scottish escapade.

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