Recap February 2024
Recap February 2024

Recap February 2024

Hey friends! Another month is over, 2/12 of the year have passed already. Honestly, it’s always a little burden to write a monthly recap. But on the other side I also see the upsides: having a little reflection about all the activities that I did … or dir not … embark. Did I have remarkable achievements? Or did time simply pass? But let’s dive into it!

Activities & Photography

Well, if you’ve followed my social media accounts, you might have noticed that I shared more adventures and photos from the archive than usual. And there are two major reasons for it. Some happy and another not so happy one. We started February by visiting a nice event, followed by a nice hiking tour into the mountains that I also described in a blog post ( Winter Hiking Delight: A Trail of Surprises and Lessons Learned ). And then it got a bit ugly. It seems that we both got a cold that “limited” our plans. Means: we just did a couple of walks and relaxed a lot in order to recover and I spend some time editing photos from hikes last year.

Fortunately, we recovered well after two weeks so that we could spend a weekend with friends. Well – as you see: No super exciting adventures, but I am also happy that it just was the first cold after years! And despite not feeling not 100% fine, we still got out into the sun and got some fresh air. It could really have been worse


Coming to my blogging activity, I am really surprised! Even though we weren’t super active, I managed to write eight blog posts in which I reflected some adventures that happened last year. Writing about those adventures really is like a little time travel: When I scroll through the photos to select the best and remarkable moments, it feels like I am reliving the hike all over again. And – yes I think I am really grateful for having made all thos photos. Because without them, I am pretty sure that I would now not have the possibility to bring back those memories so vividly.

Anyways! Here are all the blog posts that I published this month. Take your time, lean back and go through them. Most of them have a couple of beautiful photos as well πŸ˜‰

  • My Take on the Fitbit Inspire 3

    Today I share my experience with the Fitbit Inspire 3. Seeking a budget-friendly pulse gadget for outdoor pursuits, I break down its pros and cons. Is it a valuable addition to your routine or just another tech gadget vying for your attention? Read on for the candid verdict.

  • Late-April Solitude: A Solo Alpine Journey

    In the quiet majesty of a late-April solo hike, the mountain landscape revealed a subtle beauty in transition. The snow-covered peaks, the muted hues of transitioning grass, and the dance of light and shadow became a testament to the unfiltered allure of nature awakening from its winter slumber.

  • Choosing Safety Over Summit

    Choosing a recommended trail, we confronted a precarious section, captured in the poignant photograph. This narrative explores the wisdom of prioritizing safety over summit ambitions, discovering that true adventure lies not just in peaks but in the courage to retreat

  • Karwendel in Monochrome

    Explore the understated charm of black and white photography, as an ordinary summit shot captures the essence of a winter day in this quiet yet compelling visual narrative.

  • A Snowshoeing Adventure Through Powdered Landscapes

    Amidst the harsh winter wind, I reached the vantage point – a moment etched in a photograph. The chilling beauty, the solitude, and the untouched landscape unfolded. Layers of powdery snow beneath my snowshoes whispered tales of the serene ascent. This image, a visual memoir, encapsulates the essence of a solitary winter odyssey.

  • Beyond the Hype: Navigating the NFT Wave and the Decision to Step Back

    In 2023, I exited the active participation in the NFT market. Burning unsold tokens, I’ve now done another step. The future is uncertain, but my focus remains on creating and sharing photography through conventional channels.

  • A Standard Loop, Uncommon Perspectives

    In the simplicity of a “standard” loop, our winter hike unfolded unexpectedly. Low-hanging clouds embraced a forgotten hut, transforming it into a mystic haven. Frost-laden trees and a fog-shrouded summit presented unforeseen beauty, proving that even familiar trails hold the potential for extraordinary experiences when seen through the lens of curiosity.

  • Winter Hiking Delight: A Trail of Surprises and Lessons Learned

    Navigating a winter wonderland beneath the snowline, our hike unveiled pristine landscapes. Views of untouched summits whispered tales of solitude, while the pure, undisturbed snow beneath our feet painted a serene panorama. It was more than a hike; it was a great experience, a canvas of nature’s purest beauty.

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