Recap March 2024
Recap March 2024

Recap March 2024

Hey everyone! March has come and gone, and let me tell you, it’s been a bit of up and down. Work has been a real energy drain lately, and unfortunately, that’s spilled over into my personal life too. So, this month has been all about taking things a bit slower.


Believe it or not, I didn’t manage to get out on as many big hikes as I’d hoped. The weather has been less than ideal – think cold, wet, and very windy. Not exactly the nicest conditions for outdoor adventures. However, I did kick off the month with a pretty nice 800m hike into the snow! There’s something magical about watching the landscape transform from dull brown and grey to a pristine white wonderland within just a couple of minutes when crossing the snow line.

With my wife back from a lengthy business trip, we opted for a low-key outing to a local mountain to ease back into things. Plus, we dusted off our bikes and hit the road for a leisurely 1.5-hour cycling loop in the area. Speaking of cycling, I finally parted ways with my FitBit Inspire 3 pulse watch and replaced this gadget with a cycling gadget: a Garmin Edge 530 cycling computer. I spent quite some time evaluating Garmin vs Sigma vs Wahoo but as far as I can tell, I did take the right decision and it’s worth the invest! As I have geared up also with cycling trousers for the cold, I’ve been hitting the trails on my bike more often, and I’ve got to say, I’ve missed it more than I thought!

Luckily, the easter weekend did provide some really nice and warm weather accompanied with some strong wind from the south, carrying dust from the Sahara. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon here. It’s a bit of a challenge for cycling (the head wind!) and hiking (stormy on top). But we definitely appreciated the warm sun and were able to finish the month with a couple of hikes and cycling loops.


As nature just began to stir from its winter slumber, the landscape has been a sea of brown and grey. Paired with the less-than-ideal weather, I haven’t felt particularly inspired to get out and capture photos. Plus, with the cycling season kicking off, I’ve found myself torn between hitting the trails with the bike and picking up my camera for not-so-scenic moods. That said, I’ve still got plenty of photos in the backlog waiting to be processed and shared, so stay tuned for some hidden gems!


On the blogging front, it’s been a bit of a slow month as well. I only managed to write three posts, which is a far from my usual output. The truth is, I just haven’t been in the right headspace to write in a way that truly captures the essence of my experiences. But hey, things are looking up, and I’m hopeful that April will bring with it a renewed sense of creativity and inspiration.

So, that’s a wrap on March! Despite the ups and downs, it’s been a month of re-energizing and taking things as they come. Here’s to brighter days and new adventures ahead!

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